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About Breed

Berners are a walking sixty kilograms of love. They are a living love for their owners. They are very sociable and loyal dogs and hate to be alone. Bernese Mountain Dogs can almost read your mind and always know what is expected from them. These dogs are calm, sophisticated, considerate and almost human. They can get bored just like a human or they can get offended just like a human (although not for a long time). Bernese Mountain Dogs are definitely a special creation of God for who else could create something so perfect. These dogs are beautiful, intelligent and full of unconditional love. I believe this is the major reason why this breed is so popular.


Our lives go so fast in these busy times and we don’t seem to have time to look for feelings in other people and these dogs fulfil our need to be loved,  our need of being with someone who cares. Bernese Mountain Dogs are definitely a family dog and they are very loyal to members of their family, they become members of a family and that is why I don’t want to use the word “owner” because as soon as you take one home it becomes another family member. They feel responsible, proud and close to their new family which  you can often see during family walks in the park when the dog keeps an eye on every single member of the family and tries to keep them all together.


Anyone who has ever had a Bernese Mountain Dog will never want to trade it for any other breed!

  • the book about the bernese mountain dog

    the book about the bernese mountain dog

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