Rainbow Bridge

When a beloved pet leaves this world it goes to a Rainbow Bridge where the fields and hills are filled with all our little friends running and playing with each other. It’s warm and cozy there, and there’s plenty of food. All the pets that were old and sick are once again young and healthy. Those who were hurt or disabled are strong and powerful, as we remember them when we think of the days when they were still with us. These pets are joyful and happy but there’s one thing missing. Every single one of them misses a beloved person that’s left on the other side.


They run and they play but then comes the day when one of them stops playing and looks away. Its sparkling eyes are focused and its body trembles. Suddenly it pulls away from its  playmates, running through the green fields and its legs are moving faster and faster.


You have been spotted, and when finally you and your best friend meet,  you hug each other with love and you will never be apart again. The rain of happy kisses falls on your face; your hands finally fondle your beloved pet’s head. Once again you look into the trustful eyes of your friend that has left your life for so long but has never left your heart.


And then you cross the Rainbow Bridge - this time together…”


Author- Unknown

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